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Personal Training Programs In Singapore


Image of a senior couple undergoing private personal training.

To cater to the differing needs and wants of our mature and medically-challenged population here in Singapore, we offer a wide variety of personal training choices and options - all centered around our gym-free approach.


The following are some choices that we offer to our senior clients who wish to work one-on-one with our personal trainer here in Singapore:


Location Options


1. Home Location - Our in-home personal training option is most suitable for you if you are time-conscious, need to be located at/around home for most of your time, craving for that personal privacy and space, or just yearning for sheer convenience and comfort.


2. Outdoor Location - Our outdoor personal training option favours those who enjoy working-out and sweating it out in the Great Outdoors. If you are looking for a uniquely different fitness experience and environment, and simply can't resist the Sun, Sea and Sand (think: sandy beaches, landscaped gardens, beautiful public parks etc), we have the program just for you!


3. Other Locations - Thinking of working-out from your office/work environment? Or having to squeeze-in your workout while constantly shuttling between different locations throughout the day? Then our mobile personal training option would come in handy for you. With this option, we will travel round the island to meet you - wherever you are - to keep you working towards your fitness goals.


Goal Options


1. Fat Loss - Looking to BURN off excess body fat and attain a healthy, lean and trim body? Then, look no further than our fat loss personal training program where we will guide you - step-by-step - to a healthier, fitter and leaner body via our exercise-nutrition-mind conditioning approach.  


2. General Toning And Shaping - Lacking tone, firmness and shape in different areas of your body? Then check out our toning-and-shaping personal training services which will help you create that lean, toned look that you're aiming for!


3. Muscle-Maintenance - Looking to maintain or even add lean muscle to your frame? Check out our muscle-building program that will help you build lean muscle in no time!


4. Core Conditioning - Like to improve your posture and increase the strength and stability of your spine and torso? Then check out our core conditioning programs that will help you build a solid and functional core in no time!


5. Build Functional Fitness - Looking for real-world fitness that will help you in your day-to-day tasks? Sign-up for our functional fitness programs today to become functionally-fit!


6. Improve Sport Performance - Whatever your chosen sport is, and regardless whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete, we can definitely help raise your game and your performance with our sport-specific conditioning program.


Other Customized Personal Training Options


1. For Seniors And Older Adults - Enliven your golden years with our seniors/older adults personal training program specially designed to help our senior citizens stay mobile, independent, fit and in peak health.


2. For Pre/Post Natal Mums - Keep yourself fit and vibrant during your pre-natal period, or get back into your pre-pregnancy shape post-delivery - with our customized pre/post natal personal training program.


3. For Singapore NS National Servicemen - Prepare yourself fully for the physical rigours and fitness challenges of a military lifestyle with our ns (national service) physical training program.


4. For Kids/Youths - Help your child to get moving, keep fit and stay in shape - all while having FUN - with our customized kids/youth personal fitness program today.



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