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Singapore Stair Exercises And Stair-Based Fitness Workouts

For Seniors And Older Adults



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What Is A Stair-Based Exercise Program?


A stair exercise program is one that makes use of the steps or stairs in our immediate environment as an exercise tool to help us improve our aerobic fitness, boost our body's calorie-burning capacity, and to increase our lower body muscular power and endurance.


Since climbing stairs/steps is one of the most fundamental and essential skills needed for independent living and mobility, stair-based workouts are now widely incorporated as crucial and critical components into most older adult/senior fitness programs.


Also, as stairs/steps are ever-present in our urban landscapes and can be found practically in any home, office building, residential area or public space, their sheer accessibility and convenience make them terrific tools for everyday fitness workouts!




Why Do We Need To Do Stair-Based Exercises?


Research has shown that as we age, ALL of us will experience some degree of loss in overall muscular strength, joint mobility, coordination, balance and overall function.


As such, many of us may face increasing difficulties in navigating steps and stairs in our daily lives as the years gradually catch-up with us.


In order NOT to lose our independence and ability to climb up or to go down stairs as we grow older, we consciously need focused training in the area of stairway negotiation and ambulation to keep this vital skill alive and intact.


Through a range of scientifically-designed stair-based exercises - together with their numerous variations, derivatives and secondary conditioning drills - not only can we maintain and improve our stair-climbing capabilities, in the process, we can also help to develop all-round fitness, athleticism and well-being for ourselves.


All these, in turn, will translate to better performance in our day-to-day physical activities and a higher quality of life.




Whom This Program Is For


For any mid-life or older adult who likes to:

  • improve and enhance his/her stair locomotion skills,

  • learn how to use the common stairs as a workout tool in their fitness programs,

  • use stair-training as a means to burn fat, build strength, enhance cardio fitness, increase endurance and boost power output. 



Our Fitness Approach


At your desired location here in Singapore, we'll show you how to fully-utilize and harness the power of the ubiquitous stairs to achieve your fitness needs and goals.


We'll take you through all the necessary bio-mechanics, gait mechanisms, foot placement strategies, postural considerations and even breathing patterns to increase your chances of success in this program!




Our Program Format


Our Stair Fitness Training Program can be conducted either as part of a Personal Training Program, a Couple/Partner Program, a Group Fitness Training Program or as a Fitness Workshop for participants.


Please click on the above-related links to assess your options. 




Our Rates


Please click on our Fitness Rates/Charges to find out more.




Our Training Times


We provide stair fitness training and workshops throughout Singapore at flexible and negotiable days and timings - but all strictly by appointment ONLY .


Our first fitness appointment of the day may start as early as 7am and our last appointment of the day may end no later than 9pm.


All bookings are also strictly on a First-Come-First-Serve basis and are subject to availability.




Our Credentials


We are one of the rare few fitness providers in Singapore with a recognized and bona-fide Master Trainer on our books.


On top of that, we are the ONLY Singapore fitness provider who offers proof, verification and validation of our fitness credentials.


Check out for yourself who we are and our range of fitness qualifications and experience.





Other Concerns


If you have any other concerns, issues or questions regarding our stair-based fitness training services, please do check up our fitness services FAQs page first to see if your query has already been addressed, and if not, please don't hesitate then to contact us directly.



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