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Singapore Personal Training Program - Package Features


Image of an older lady training with weights.


Over the years, our Personal Training Programs have attained a reputation for being one of the BEST in the business here in Singapore.


Widely acknowledged for their all-encompassing comprehensiveness, fun, effectiveness and stellar safety records, our programs have withstood the test of time and the flow of clients through the years. (read up what our clients say about our fitness programs)


The following are some of the unrivalled features/components of our gym-free personal training programs here in Singapore:


- FREE Initial Face-To Face Fitness Consultation


- Comprehensive Health Assessments to assess your current medical status, health condition, vital statistics and body fat composition.


- Detailed Fitness Evaluations to evaluate all components of your current fitness status: cardiovascular, muscular, flexibility, mobility, balance & postural.


- Specially-Tailored And Individually-Customized Holistic Fitness Program comprising of the following:

        - Specific Exercise Routines

        - Personal Nutritional & Dietary Guidance

        - Lifestyle & Behavioural Modification

        - Motivational & Goal-Setting Strategies

        - Positive Mind Conditioning


- Printed Session-By-Session Workout Logs for your own personal reference and records.


- Regular & Periodic Tracking Of Your Fitness Progress via a battery of tests, measurements & assessments.


- Travel Support Program - NEVER miss a workout even when you're out of the country - with our travel client support program!


- 24-Hour Client Support via E-mail & SMS - to allow you to keep in touch with your trainer - ALWAYS!


-Your own Personal Ring-Binder-cum-Portfolio consisting of your exercise logs, bio-data records, nutrition notes and other fitness tools.


- Professional Spreadsheets With charts, graphs and tables to update you of your progress regularly.


- Periodic Cutting-Edge Fitness Articles researched, compiled and individualized for your own fitness education.


- Regular Photo Shoots to chart your fitness progress (optional).


- Full Provision Of All Portable/Mobile Fitness Equipment for your fitness workouts.


- NO HIDDEN CHARGES. NO Transport/Travel Charges. What You See Is What You Pay


- GUARANTEED RESULTS (click to read more)


Please also feel free to compare our programs to other similar fitness providers in Singapore by clicking on the following Fitness Comparison Chart.


We are so confident that you will find our personal training programs to be one of the BEST - if not the BEST around in Singapore - that we offer an unconditional Money-Back Guarantee:

If you can show us proof that there are other programs out there that matches or exceeds ours in Comprehensiveness, Detail & Quality, and yet priced more attractively,

We will gladly refund you the difference in price



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