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Updates On COVID-19 Measures

For Personal Training Sessions



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LATEST UPDATES (as of 22 May 2020):


All On-Site, In-Person Training/Coaching/Mentoring services have been TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED with effect from 6 APRIL 2020 in view of the the Singapore government's directives to combat COVID-19.


With the extension of the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period, this suspension has now been extended till 1 JUNE 2020.


From 2 June 2020, Singapore will gradually re-open the economy with Phase 1 of the post-circuit breaker period.


However, the Fitness Industry together with other sporting and recreational services are NOT scheduled to resume until at least Phase 2 of the economic re-opening.


As such, clients who have already paid-up for their training/coaching services may still opt to choose from EITHER of the following options:


A)  Freeze Or Put On Hold All Their Remaining Sessions


Clients may choose to ‘FREEZE’ all their remaining sessions and put them on hold beyond 1 JUNE 2020.


Upon stand-down or relaxation of the current measures in place, sessions will resume once again.


An EXTENSION period will also be factored in automatically for all affected training packages' validity periods - in line with current service terms and conditions.




 B)  Convert Remaining Lessons To Online/Virtual Sessions


Clients may also choose to convert all or some of their remaining sessions to an ONLINE or VIRTUAL module.


For each and every session converted to the online format, a 25% REBATE PER LESSON will be given to the client.


At the end of the entire online training period, this amount will be returned to the client in the form of a REFUND, or used to offset part of the renewal fees for the next training package.




With the online platform, clients may choose either one or a combination of the following:





The 1st format - Online PDF Workout Program offers the following:


- Flexibility to train at YOUR own timing and convenience, without being tied to a fixed schedule or designated location with your trainer.


- Ease of accessing your private E-Training PDF Log (specially-customized to YOUR needs and goals) via your personal email account.


- Availability of Pre-Recorded Videos, Full-Colour Photos and Exercise Descriptions, all personally-demonstrated by YOUR Trainer himself!


- Client Support via Email, WhatsApp and SMS in the event of any queries, issues or feedback regarding any aspects of the online program.


For more details and information on the above, please view our Online PDF Personal Training Service page




The 2nd format - LIVE Video-Streaming Workout Program has the following features:


- "Live" Interactive Training with your trainer based on a mutually-agreed schedule.


- Tailored workout programs catering to your specific needs and goals.


- "Real-Time" feedback and analysis of your exercise form and technique.


- Adapted to your own home environment, your choice of video platform and your range or availability of equipment


For more details and information on the above, please click on LIVE Video-Streaming Personal Training Service now.




Upon easing or loosening of government measures for COVID-19, clients may choose either:

  • revert back to IN-PERSON coaching for their remaining sessions,


  • choose to continue with the ONLINE format for the rest of their package.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any further questions.


Thank You!



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