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Singapore Fitness Clients' Testimonials And Reviews




Photo depicting testimonials and reviews of fitness clients based in Singapore.



In an age:

  • where Reviews and Testimonials are easily faked and fabricated,

  • where "Before-And-After Photos" can be effortlessly doctored and photo-shopped,

  • where "Star Ratings" are more often than not rigged and manipulated, and

  • where "Followers" and "Likes" can be simply bought,

I like to make a MORAL and ETHICAL stand - in and for our fitness industry - and also as a mark of respect and honour to all my past, present and future clients by GUARANTEEING that only genuine and authentic feedback/testimonials are featured on this site.


In fact, all the following reviews and testimonials that you are about to read feature:

  • REAL-LIFE people whom I have worked with (some for YEARS at a stretch),

  • ACTUAL names, designations and nationalities of clients - both past and present,

  • and their TRUE heartfelt comments and feedback to me.



NOTE: Text and wordings - if and when edited - are only done purely for the sake of

spelling, grammar, clarity and brevity.




Fitness Client's Feedback And Testimonials:


"Rick has been a great blessing to us. Our family approached him to do structured fitness sessions for my dad and mum, mainly to help my dad who has serious health issues and needed to maintain his fitness.

When my mum expressed reluctance to do the sessions, Rick graciously agreed to customize a buddy program for my dad and I, even though the sessions were catered for people of roughly similar ages and fitness levels. He discussed patiently with us to ensure that our expectations were managed, and during each session paid careful attention to our fitness and tolerance levels to ensure we each got the most out of the training.

The regular exercises helped my dad maintain a healthy level of fitness, and were also challenging for me. He also monitored our weight, fat and muscle mass at regular intervals to help us track our progress.

Really appreciated his gentle, patient and encouraging words as well as his flexibility in customizing suitable exercises for us. Highly recommended for seniors who want to maintain or improve their health with professional guidance and encouragement along the way!


- Kenneth Lau, Home Business Owner, Singaporean





The holistic approach with nutrition, information articles and of course the age-adapted exercises. The flexibility to meet in Botanical Garden and to postpone the scheduled dates, if cancelled appropriately. The very personal approach, the one-to-one dedication and the concern about aches and therefore adjusted exercises. The positivism in every exercise and training. Thank you Rick for seven years of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity to boost my metabolism and fitness. You are a great and always positive personal trainer, whom I can recommend to anyone."


- Sibylle Gisi, International School President, Swiss National




"I have been Rick’s student for the past five years. Rick pays the right level of attention to detail and focuses on comprehensive all-round functional fitness that we start to experience in day to day life. There are some basics of vocabulary and self-assessment that we learn initially during sessions which we are then able to apply to reviews of a workout, and then improve and adapt for better outcomes - I felt this aspect a great time saver and an accelerator of gains.


Rick takes injury prevention seriously, and you’ll experience the benefits of good form for both maximizing gains as well as injury prevention.


If you heed Rick’s advice on sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise, you’ll experience functional strength improvements and realize that aesthetic improvements are actually secondary in importance though they will will eventually manifest. You get the results of what efforts you put in."


- Sriram Narayanan, Cybersecurity Consultant, Indian National




“Thanks Mr Rick for the great 20 training exercise sessions. The program was enjoyable, and I learned a lot from it. Not only did I lose weight, I’ve gained much more confidence in myself. I’ll keep up the exercise procedures even after the program has ended. Thanks for being patient, encouraging and inspiring!”


- Gordon Quek, Retiree, Singaporean




"Rick has helped me immensely in regaining my confidence and balance in life. His timeless focus and attention to form in each exercise, month after month, has been an inspiration. I have reached goals that I never thought I would be able to reach, and I owe it to Rick. Thank You, Rick!"


- Rosa Maria Quitadamo, Consultant, Italian 




"(Rick) ... has a friendly, professional personality, ... a good motivator and flexible: when something changes in (my) life, (you) easily adjust the program/plans (accordingly) .... Thanks again for everything!!"


- Thera Hoebé, Homemaker, Dutch National




"Rick caters to my needs for personal training, is always punctual and professional ... and definitely value for money as results show! Highly recommend!


- Marie Tham, Vice President (Banking), Singaporean




"One of the best things is the variety of exercises that you include. In the three plus years I have been using your service I do not think we have ever done the same workout routine twice. Even now you are still able to introduce exercises that I have never done before. It keeps the exercising really fun and interesting.... To start with I planned to use your services for 3 months to kickstart my workout regime - 3 years later I am still here. Just can't kick the habit."


- Kerry Allen, Homemaker, Australian 




"I've been with you for almost 2 years now and am really pleased with the changes that have occurred in my appearance; no other personal trainer I have had has come close to this ! ... Your dedication and encouragement have been inspiring!"


- Yvonne Thom, Banker, British




"... you are very patient and trained me well ... (you) understood my difficulties and gave the appropriate training. Overall great!"


- Malli Grewal, Homemaker, Singaporean




"The tailored program to achieve my goals is GREAT... I like the focus on results and you can actually see and feel the benefits...."


- Jonathan Wood, Accountant, British 




"(You are)... very flexible about the timing of the lessons ... and (you) show great concern for your clients... I think it is also good that you look at the whole picture: training, food and lifestyle...."


- Ĺsa Skogsfors, Homemaker, Swedish




"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ...You have helped me to feel good about myself again and taught me that training can be FUN !!" 


- Amanda Hall, Homemaker, British 




"Thanks for working with me for the past year. I've learned a lot about fitness and myself....."


- Ronald Cellini, Company Director, American




"Thank You for helping me instill a proper exercise system in place. Your exercise methods are fantastic and I will bring them along with me wherever life takes me....."


- Ershvin Singh Charl, Overseas Undergraduate, Singaporean




"I've enjoyed your session (group exercise) and we like your style of coaching and (way of) motivating all participants to pull through the workout. Thanks for the service ....."


- Mdm Tan L H, School Principal, Singaporean




"Thanks ... I have really benefited from your (online) training program, .... and I can really see the improvements to my body.... "


- K W Tan, Laboratory Assistant, Malaysian




" ... a very approachable trainer...."


- Rennysa Bte Ithnin, Singapore Civil Defence, Singaporean



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