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Haze Contingency Protocols And Measures

For Personal Training And Other Fitness Services



Image of haze enveloping a city and affecting fitness training sessions.




Following the latest announcements by various Singapore media* (please view links below):


*, 6 October 2023 – “Haze could hit Singapore over the weekend after significant increase in hotspots in Indonesia"


* The Straits Times, 21 June 2023 - "High risk of severe transboundary haze in 2023 due to hotter, drier weather: Local think-tank"


* National Environment Agency (NEA), 30 May 2023 - "High Likelihood Of El Nino Conditions In Second Half Of 2023 Will Increase Risk Of Transboundary Haze Affecting Singapore"


denoting that Singapore has a HIGH risk of experiencing severe haze in the 2nd half of 2023, the following safety protocols and measures will take place with immediate effect.


These measures will apply across ALL our fitness services, including, but not limited to:


·         One-On-One Personal Training

·         Couple/Buddy Exercise Sessions

·         Small Group Workouts




1. In The Event Of GOOD Air Quality {PM2.5: 0-55 (normal), PSI: 0-50}

Trainings and workout sessions will continue as PER NORMAL.




2. In The Event Of MODERATE Air Quality {PM2.5: 56 – 150 (elevated), PSI: 51-100}

Training sessions will still continue as NORMAL, though training intensities and volume may be adjusted if needed.

Also, clients will have the OPTION of wearing face masks if they wish.

If required and/or requested, training currently conducted as Outdoor Workout Sessions may be moved INDOORS.



3. In The Event Of UNHEALTHY Air Quality {PM2.5: 151 - 250 (high), PSI: 101 - 200}

All training sessions will be moved INDOORS.

Clients will also be strongly encouraged to put on face masks.


Exercise intensities and volume will also be modified and adjusted accordingly.


Clients will also have the OPTION of converting the workout session to a Lifestyle Mentoring Session or a Nutritional Counseling Session if they wish to.

In the event that clients decide to voluntarily postpone the affected session/s (regardless of the presence or absence of Indoor Training Options), our 24-HR Notification Policy - as per service terms and conditions - will apply.



4. In The Event Of VERY UNHEALTHY Air Quality Or Worse {PM2.5: 251 and above (very high), PSI: 201 and above}

All exercise sessions will be POSTPONED/CANCELLED.

The postponement/cancellation may be initiated by either the trainer or client.

NO penalty or forfeiture of lesson will be incurred even if the notification is made within the 24-Hour Notification period.

A Make-Up/Replacement Slot will be arranged for the affected session/s.



5. Other Relevant Details


The Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) official data will be used as the basis for all readings of Air Quality, PSI and PM2.5.


Each client’s exact training location and/or specific locality will be taken into account during the interpretation of the above readings and when deciding whether to proceed or to suspend any particular training session.


Depending on how the haze situation evolves and whether any further official advisories are released, the above measures and protocols may be reviewed time and again, and additional courses of action may be implemented if necessary.




For any questions or concerns regarding the above, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME.


Thank You for all your kind understanding and patience.



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