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Singapore Circuit Training Program



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Whether your goal is to BURN fat, LOSE weight or BUILD lean muscle tone, one of the best ways to do so is to incorporate Circuit Training into your exercise routine!


As its name implies, Circuit Training is a special exercise routine that requires a combination of different exercises to be performed - one after another, in a certain sequence - with only minimal rest in between. Only upon completion of all prescribed exercises, is 1 "circuit" deemed to be completed.


Circuit Training is a recognized and popular mode of training not only because it is an efficient and time-effective way to train, but also due to the fact that it is extremely useful for working on DIFFERENT components of fitness (eg. cardio, strength, muscular endurance etc) at the SAME time.



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Whom This Program Is For


Anyone who wants to :

  • LOSE weight

  • BURN fat,

  • Build lean muscle

  • Improve muscular strength & endurance

  • and reap all the other benefits of Circuit Training,



Our Fitness Approach


Over at your desired location here in Singapore, we'll show you how to achieve your fitness goals and get the dream body you want utilizing the principles of Circuit Training.




Our Program Components


Our Circuit Training Program can be conducted either as part of a Personal Training Program, a Couple/Partner Program, a Group Fitness Training Program or as a Fitness Workshop for participants.


Please click on the above-related links to assess your options. 




Our Rates


Please click on our Fitness Rates/Charges to find out more.




Our Training Times


We provide circuit training sessions, as well as related fitness workshops across Singapore at flexible and negotiable days and timings - but all strictly by appointment ONLY .


Our first fitness appointment of the day may start as early as 6am and our last appointment of the day may end no later than 10pm.


All bookings are also strictly on a First-Come-First-Serve basis and are subject to availability.




Our Credentials


We are one of the rare few fitness providers in Singapore with a recognized and bona-fide Master Trainer on our books.


On top of that, we are the ONLY Singapore fitness provider who offers proof, verification and validation of our fitness credentials.


Check out for yourself who we are and our range of fitness qualifications and experience.




Other Concerns


If you have any other concerns, issues or questions regarding our circuit training services, please do check up our fitness services FAQs page first to see if your query has already been addressed, and if not, please don't hesitate then to contact us directly.




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