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Your Private/Personal Workout Sessions - What To Expect



Image of a lady undergoing a personal or private workout session.



Ins And Outs Of A Typical Personal/Private Workout Session


If you have signed-up for a one-on-one personal training session with us, the following will be the flow of events during a typical exercise session with your trainer:


1) Your trainer/coach will arrive punctually at your designated location, with your customized and tailored workout program on hand, together with a range of portable fitness gear.


2) He will then run through a few quick checks with you to assess your physical, mental and emotional state for the day, and also get some updates or feedback from you with regards to: how you felt after your previous workout session, any progress or effort made in your lifestyle modifications, how you're faring in your prescribed fitness 'homework', and your compliance/adherence to other given instructions.


3) Your exercise session will then commence with a General Warm-Up routine, which may include a combination of dynamic stretches, muscle mobilization drills, basic movement patterns as well as session-specific preparation work.


4) Following which, your trainer/coach will then implement your particular training program for the day, which - depending on your fitness needs, goals and objectives - may include a mix of cardio exercises, resistance work, flexibility drills, balance training and other strength-and-conditioning drills.


5) Your trainer/coach will usually demonstrate each movement or exercise first, before asking you to practise and rehearse the prescribed drill. During the entire session, your every execution and move as well as your exercise form and technique will all be closely monitored and supervised by your trainer/coach. If need be, your trainer/coach may also occasionally step-in and correct you if mistakes are observed.


6) At appropriate intervals throughout the workout, your trainer/coach may also be injecting verbal/non-verbal cues, relevant instructions and motivational phrases to keep you focused and on the right track. From time to time, he may also ask you for your feedback on how you're coping, your energy levels, your feel for the exercises/movements etc. On top of that, he will also observe and track your overall well-being and performance.


7) Toward the end of your training session, your trainer/coach will then lead you through a systematic Cool-Down process which may include reduced-intensity movements and activities, static stretches, as well as deep breathing exercises.


8) Your session will finally end with your trainer/coach providing a sum-up of the day's exercise routine, your overall performance, and leave you with suitable instructions and timely reminders on any follow-up work that you should be doing on your part.






The above is an outline of what usually happens during a personal or private workout session with your trainer, and what you can typically expect during your regular exercise meet-ups.


If you still have other concerns, issues or questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to check up our Fitness Services FAQs Page to see if your query has already been addressed.


If you cannot find what you want, please feel free to contact me directly.





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